Oregon Digital Collections Plan

Client: Oregon State Library

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The Oregon State Library (OSL) administers funds under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) State Grant Program. This federal program is administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The program provides funding in support of statewide initiatives and services and competitive grants to legally established libraries, or non-profit entities serving libraries.

The Oregon State Library’s administration of LSTA funds is guided by the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) 5-year plan, and monitored by the LSTA Advisory Council on behalf of the OSL Board of Trustees. The current 5-year plan outlines a specific goal to promote the use of technology to increase capacity to provide library services and expand access to collections. Activities encouraged to meet this goal include collaborative digitization and preservation and increasing capacity by centralization of digitization services.

In recent years, the Oregon LSTA Advisory Council has recommended that the Board fund more and more grants for digital projects. In its discussions, the Council has been concerned about how to prioritize projects, what kind of metadata and access standards should be recommended, and how collaboration can be encouraged to take advantage of economies of scale. During their September 13, 2012 meeting, the Council discussed the need for more specific grant guidelines and best practices regarding digital collection projects. The Council desired a formal report on current and potential models for projects in the state and region in order to allocate LSTA funding for maximum effect.


Northwest Digital Collections Summit (2015-03-20)

  • Northwest Digital Collections Summit Report
    • Narrative (PDF)
    • Appendix 8. Responses to Summit Recommendations (PDF)

Digital Collections Recommendations:

  • Final (2013-09-25) (PDF)
  • Summary Recommendations (2013-09-25) (PDF)
  • Presentation to LSTA Council (2013-09-19) (PDF)
  • Presentation to Oregon Library Association (2014-04-17) (PDF)

 Environmental Scan:

  • Final, complete (2013-09-25) (PDF)
    • Narrative (PDF)
    • Appendix 1. Grant Funding, 2003-2013, Sorted by Institution (PDF)
    • Appendix 2. Oregon Digital Collections (PDF)
    • Appendix 3. Washington County Heritage Online Training Manual (PDF)
    • Appendix 4. Washington Rural Heritage Metadata Guidelines (PDF)
    • Appendix 5. LYRASIS Digitization Collaborative Technical Specifications (PDF)
    • Glossary and Common Digital Asset Management Systems (PDF)
  • Oregon Digital Collections Inventory (2013-09-25) (XLSX)

Digital Collections Survey:

  • Oregon Digital Collections Survey (SurveyGizmo) (closed)
  • Oregon Digital Collections Survey (PDF)
  • Oregon Digital Collections Survey Summary Report, 2013-09-25 (redacted) (PDF)
  • Oregon Digital Collections Survey Data, 2013-09-25 (redacted) (XLSX)

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