Courses I currently teach:

  • Advanced Topics in Digital Curation
    • Course is designed to tie together the materials covered in previous courses in the digital curation program at UNT and to provide a broader context for students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities in the area of digital curation. Guest speakers present information on advanced and emerging topics such as curation microservices, distributed digital preservation, data management, and digital forensics; students complete a seminar paper with presentation on a topic of their choosing.
    • University of North Texas College of Information. Fall 2013, Summer 2014.
  • Digital Preservation Planning and Implementation
    • Course provides students an opportunity to develop a plan for preservation throughout the curation lifecycle of digital materials. Students will apply digital curation concepts and models to understand preservation planning processes and use various tools and applications. Including DSpace and Islandora, to implement the plan on digital objects.
    • University of North Texas College of Information. Summer 2013, Summer 2014.
  • Lifecycle Metadata for Digital Objects
    • Course focuses on using metadata in a digital archives environment. “Using” includes not only creating descriptive metadata about digital objects and collections but also identifying, extracting, authenticating, normalizing, and preserving metadata included in or associated with the digital object in order to construct the “metadata continuum in order to understand how metadata may function as an authenticating wrapper for digital objects (including electronic records, digital artworks, digitized images, etc.).
    • University of Texas at Austin School of Information. Summer 2014.

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