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Day of Digital Archives, Oct. 6th, 2011

I don’t know how widespread the movement to create this is, or if it’s a one-woman show, but I liked the idea of having a day when people post, tweet, and discuss digital archives. There’s a fair amount of interest

Single Search for Cultural Heritage Collections

I chuckled a bit at this one. I’m pretty sure that this report essentially replicates a presentation I gave at the 2006 LITA Annual Meeting (parts of which I’ve done at other meetings, including the 2007 Texas Conference on Digital

MCN 2010 – Video Production Workshop

Video Production WorkshopMuseum Computer NetworkOctober 27, 2010 Ted Forbes, Dallas Museum of Art (Instructor) Also a very knowledgeable student from McNay Art Museum in San Antonio – Gary WiseReference to Mark Beth Webster at Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco —

A true story of archival woe

There’s been an interesting discussion on the ImageLib list about “archival” DVDs (although the thread is titled “LZW compression for archival masters”). The question of best media for storage of archival master images comes up frequently. In general, we have