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DPLA Hackathon Reflections

On Sunday, April 27, 2014, I coordinated a hackathon focused on the DPLA API as part of the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. The hackathon was sponsored by the Texas Digital Library and The University of Texas at Austin Libraries,

Hacking DPLA at TCDL – recap

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the Hacking DPLA at TCDL event! We had a total of nineteen people participate — about right for our first-ever event. Highlights of the event: Dan Cohen @dancohen talking about the DPLA

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Digital Collections – Keeping Current

In the area of digital collections, things change fast. I’m working on a list of resources that I have found to be useful,  including organizations (many of which I belong to), places to go for more information (email lists, websites,


Peter Norvig has published a paper called “English Letter Frequency Counts: Mayzner Revisited” in which he uses the Google English language corpus to update results from Mark Mayzner’s research into word and letter frequencies back in the 1960’s. The title