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Digital Humanities Text Analysis Tools

Lisa Spiro has a great post on her blog, showcasing various Digital Humanities resources and tools. One of the resources I hadn’t been aware of is the Text Analysis Developer’s Alliance, or TADA, and TaPoR (Text Analysis Portal for Research).


This relates to the post I did on the Library of Congress’ Recollection project a few weeks ago. One of the components of Recollection is Exhibit, part of the Simile suite of tools developed originally at MIT. Now the Exhibit

Library of Congress: Recollection

I heard about this at OpenRepositories 2011. It looks like it will be useful for people who want to build map-based browsing interfaces for digital collections; the list, chart, and timeline exhibits are updates from the old Simile project (developed

OAI –> Flickr importer tool

This looks like an interesting new tool: VCU Libraries has posted new sets of digital collections images on Flickr with images + metadata pulled from ContentDM’s OAI, using a tool developed by the our web team. This Flickr uploader is

Turning the Page

One of my favorite memories of a 2002 trip to England with my husband was a visit to the British Library at St Pancras. The St Pancras building, which opened in 1997, looks much too modern for my tastes, but