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Hacking DPLA at TCDL – recap

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the Hacking DPLA at TCDL event! We had a total of nineteen people participate — about right for our first-ever event. Highlights of the event: Dan Cohen @dancohen talking about the DPLA

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Hacking DPLA at TCDL

As part of the Hacking DPLA at TCDL event scheduled for April 27, 2014, I’m developing a tutorial for using the DPLA API. I’m starting with the DPLA Search Widget developed by Dean Farrell and Josh Wilson. This widget, a WordPress

Crowdsourced Georeferencing

I’m always intrigued by the power of “the crowd” and curious about what sorts of projects get widespread crowd support. Maps seem to be high on the list — see projects like OpenStreetMap and Google’s North Korea mapping project. For

Vatican Library Digitization Project

The Vatican Apostolic Library has uploaded the first 256 manuscripts from its ambitious digitization project. They are projecting that there will be 80,000 manuscripts total (from Rome Reports via InfoDocket). Aside from the “using technology developed by NASA” line in the report, there

Google’s N-Gram Viewer Update

Over on the Language Log blog, I saw a post by Ben Zimmer about “A New Chapter for Google NGrams,” which inspired me to check out the updates (also documented in a post by Jon Orwant on the Google Research