Author: dcplumer
I am an independent digital collections and library technology consultant in Austin, TX.

Digital Collections – Keeping Current

In the area of digital collections, things change fast. I’m working on a list of resources that I have found to be useful,  including organizations (many of which I belong to), places to go for more information (email lists, websites,

Personal Digital Archiving

On Friday, October 18, 2013, Lauren Goodley from Texas State University and I did a presentation about Personal Digital Archiving for the Texas Library Association District 3 Annual Meeting. More accurately, Lauren did a presentation about Personal Digital Archiving, based

Crowdsourced Georeferencing

I’m always intrigued by the power of “the crowd” and curious about what sorts of projects get widespread crowd support. Maps seem to be high on the list — see projects like OpenStreetMap and Google’s North Korea mapping project. For

Vatican Library Digitization Project

The Vatican Apostolic Library has uploaded the first 256 manuscripts from its ambitious digitization project. They are projecting that there will be 80,000 manuscripts total (from Rome Reports via InfoDocket). Aside from the “using technology developed by NASA” line in the report, there


Peter Norvig has published a paper called “English Letter Frequency Counts: Mayzner Revisited” in which he uses the Google English language corpus to update results from Mark Mayzner’s research into word and letter frequencies back in the 1960’s. The title