Hacking DPLA at TCDL – recap

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the Hacking DPLA at TCDL event! We had a total of nineteen people participate — about right for our first-ever event.

Hacking DPLA at TCDL, 2014-04-27

Hacking DPLA at TCDL, 2014-04-27. Ben Brumfield is talking about pair programming.

Highlights of the event:

  • Dan Cohen @dancohen talking about the DPLA platform and how events like this one help build the DPLA community.

    Dan Cohen, DPLA

    Dan Cohen introducing the DPLA platform at the Hacking DPLA at TCDL event, 2014-04-27.

  • Rachel Vacek @vacekrae reviewing some DPLA apps and discussing cool concepts for future app building.
  • Sean Watkins @seanwatkins showing off his DPLA Display proof of concept for using the DPLA API along with Web Sockets. This small web application displays images, much like a picture floating screensaver, on a remote display, while users control the images being viewed from a mobile device. https://github.com/seanlw/dpladisplay
  • Eric Frierson @frierson showing off his EBSCO DPLA Widget that adds DPLA results to EBSCO database displays and DPLA Nearby Search Widget that uses the Geoplugin PHP Webservice and Google Maps API to display DPLA results tied to a specified location. https://github.com/ebsco/dpla-widget
  • Sara Brumfield @saracarl demonstrating how to use Yahoo! Pipes to parse the DPLA API.

    Sara Brumfield at Hacking DPLA at TCDL

    Sara Brumfield talking about using Yahoo! Pipes to interact with the DPLA API at the Hacking DPLA at TCDL event, 2014-04-27.

  • Danielle Cunniff Plumer @dcplumer releasing a beta tutorial for a DPLA Search Widget that walks new users through the process of creating a search widget in PHP with the DPLA API. https://github.com/dcplumer/dpla-search-tutorial

Special thanks to my event co-organizers, Rachel Vacek from the University of Houston, Sean Watkins from the University of Houston, Ben Brumfield from From the Page, and Jennifer Hecker from the University of Texas at Austin for their help pulling this together, and to the amazing Kristi Park from the Texas Digital Library for helping with event logistics.



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