OAI –> Flickr importer tool

This looks like an interesting new tool:

VCU Libraries has posted new sets of digital collections images on Flickr with images + metadata pulled from ContentDM’s OAI, using a tool developed by the our web team.

This Flickr uploader is a web-based PHP app that should work with any OAI-enabled image repository (with some configuration – we have not tested this).

The code is available at http://code.google.com/p/contentdm2flickr/ and is very much in beta, but we hope this tool will be useful for others. We’d be excited to hear from you if you have questions, end up using it, or want to join the project to improve it.


Erin White
Web Applications Developer, VCU Libraries
804-827-3552 | erwhite@vcu.edu | http://library.vcu.edu/

I’ll have to test it out. Of course, I’d prefer a Flickr –> OAI option so that I can get sets out of Flickr without crawling them, but I haven’t seen anything with that functionality. Since Flickr metadata is unpredictable anyway, crawling works.


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